The group of women we work with in the El Pacifico suburb of Lima consists of eleven women who are employed full time, and another eight women who work when demand is high.  They specialise in making our alpaca jumpers, as well as the alpaca and silk shawls, the ponchos and legwarmers - all on small knitting machines.  They pride themselves on the excellent quality of their products.  It is a friendly place to work, where everyone is respected and treated as equal.

The group was first formed in 1990 in response to a desperate need to generate employment in the area, particularly for women.  Back then they were located on the very edge of Lima, and infrastructure and roads were lacking.  Nowadays, the area is built up and much advanced, although shanty houses are nestled amongst better houses and parks.  Mamacha is committed to continuing to provide work to the women there, as we have been doing since 2008.

The ladies break for lunch, during James's last visit: